RAC: Reference IC - CDP ---> PreAmp

RAC: Burly PC - Amplifier(s)

RAC: Paradise PC - Source(s), Amplifier(s)

RAC: Ultimate Source PC - Source(s)


Cable Recommendations

RAC Interconnects

Reference ICs - CDP ---> PreAmp
Reference, QUAD+, UltraSilver+  - PreAmp ---> Amp.

Palladiums - CDP ---> PreAmp
QUAD+, UltraSilver+  - PreAmp ---> Amp.

Velvets - CDP ---> PreAmp, Phono ---> PreAmp
Velvets, UltraSilver+, Silver Braided  - PreAmp ---> Amp.

UltraSilver+ - CDP --->  PreAmp
UltraSilver+, Velvets, Silver Braided  - PreAmp ---> Amp.

Silver Braided - CDP ---> PreAmp - PreAmp ---> Amp

All interconnects available in XLR termination

RAC Speaker Cables

CuQs - Proven to work well in any system

Silver (Ag) - Designed for single driver & Magnepan speakers

SHOTGUNS - Designed for the ultimate in listening pleasure

All speaker cables available in bi-wire configuration

RAC Power Cables

Source+/Source - Designed for low current source equipment

HC - The power cable of choice all around. Tubes or solidstate

Ultimate Source - The ULTIMATE Source power cable - tubes or solid state

Paradise - More body, more air, more slam than the RAC HC.

Burly - The ULTIMATE amplifier power cable - tubes or solidstate